How we Remove and Control Snakes

Our four step process to remove and/or control the snakes on your property.



There are a variety of reasons why snakes are hanging around your property. Mice and rodents are food sources for snakes, overgrown grass lets them avoid predators like hawks and your landscaping can provide the perfect habitat. Every quality service begins with a thorough initial inspection. Our technicians will look for evidence of rodent activity or other food sources as well as any environmental issues that can be changed to help minimize future snake issues. 



After our initial inspection, our technicians will assess all reasonable solutions and will review the approach we’re recommending to resolve the issue. For snakes control, we typically use granular products around perimeter areas to gain control. These types of services often require follow-up services to reapply the granular product to maintain long-lasting control. Our technicians will go over the scope of our service and will answer any questions you may have regarding the services we’re recommending. 



If a snake is present during a service visit, our technicians can snare and remove the snake. However, when snakes aren’t present, granular applications are the preferred method for controlling snakes. Our technicians will apply the granular in wide bands around the perimeter of the area where snakes are reported. This product deters snakes harmlessly by temporarily disrupting their senses when they get near or move over the product. 



Follow up services are scheduled to reapply the granular product. The reapplication schedule can vary and heavy rains may require applications sooner. Call for details. 

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Snake Habitats on Your Property

Snakes can inhabit a variety of areas on your property. The following are common areas where snakes may be found.

tree hollows

basements or crawlspaces


Behind appliances

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blue racer, brown snake, Butler’s garter snake, copper-bellied water snake, eastern garter snake (one of the most common found in Michigan), eastern hog-nosed snake, hog-nosed snake, eastern massasauga rattlesnake (venomous), eastern milk snake, western fox snake, eastern fox snake, gray rat snake (used to be called the black rat snake), Kirtland’s snake, northern red-bellied snake, northern ribbon snake, northern ring-necked snake, northern water snake, queen snake and the smooth green snake.

Yes. The eastern massasauga rattlesnake is the only venomous snake found in Michigan. The good news? They are very uncommon.

Mice, frogs, earthworms, slugs, fish, small birds, crayfish, insects and tadpoles to name a few.

In the home they can be found near heat sources, water pipes, door or window frames, boxes, piles of clothing, wall ledges, rafters and even behind and under appliances. In the yard they can be found by rock walls, over grown grassy areas and near any moist areas or by bodies of water.

The gray (formerly black) rat snake.

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