Regal Pest Control’s technicians are fully licensed and trained to remove the bats at your location. There are nine species of bat in Michigan. In Southeast Michigan, the big brown bat is the most common bat we find. Little brown bats are fairly common as well.

Our bat services are provided from March through May and from September through October. We do not offer bat services at any other time of the year as in the cold months they are hibernating and in from June through August they may have their pups in the space you’d like them removed from. Call today to schedule an on-site inspection! 

How we Remove Bats

Our five step process to remove the bats at your location.



There are several ways that bats can gain access to your home. Our technicians will inspect several areas around the home such as: Under ridge caps, under flashing, through chimney openings (usually due to a missing chimney cap), areas around open windows or doors, torn/deteriorated screening material used behind vent covers, under peeling shingles, eaves, soffits, window sills, siding, and many other areas.



After our initial inspection, our technicians will review all of the potential entry-points found and will explain the upcoming process, which may involve night watches at sunset, to further identify bat access points. Our technicians will go over the scope of our service and will answer any questions you may have regarding the removal of the bats.   



Bats are protected species. As a result, we are not able to trap them but rather install one-way-doors to remove them. The “doors” are actually tubes that allow the bats to leave but prevent them from gaining access to the areas once they leave.  



Bat droppings, or “guano”, are a potential health hazard and should be removed after a bat removal service has been conducted. There are several diseases associated with guano, so this is an important step. Depending on the type of insulation, Regal Pest Control may not be able to HEPA vacuum these droppings and may refer the cleanup to a third party company. If this is the case, this will be communicated to you clearly on the initial assessment.



Once the one-way-doors are removed we seal off those areas with either hardware cloth, caulking or a combination of both. This is the last phase of the process.

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Bat Habitats on Your Property

Bats can inhabit a variety of areas on your property. The following are common areas where bats may be found.

in attics


in crawlspaces

Bat Service Schedule

One-way-door installations are done from March 1st through May 31st and from September 1st through October 31st. We do not install one-way-doors from June 1st through August 30th, as the maternity season for bats is usually June 1st through August 15th. Installing the one-way-door during that time would prevent the mothers from returning to their pups. Please note that we do not remove bats that get stuck in chimneys.













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Little Brown Bat
Northern Long-eared Bat (threatened)
Evening Bat
Hoary Bat
Big Brown Bat
Tri-colored Bat
Indiana Bat (endangered)
Silver-haired Bat
Red Bat

The big brown bat is the most common species found in Southeast Michigan, followed by the little brown bat.

The hoary bat. It has a wing-span of up to 15 inches.

Up to 1,200.

But it’s not likely they would. In a given minute, they’ll typically consume 10 or more mosquito-sized insects. However, they are unlikely to keep up that pace.
No. In fact, there’s evidence that shows that mosquitoes make up only a small percentage of a bat’s diet. Bats eat beetles, moths and many other comparably-sized insects. They benefit us agriculturally in controlling some of these insects as well, saving over a billion dollars in crops each year in the United States.

Yes. All of our technicians are licensed through the State of Michigan. Many of our technicians carry several different categories on-top of their base certification.

Yes. All of our technicians are fully insured.

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