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Silverfish are nocturnal insects and are approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length. Their abdomen is tapered at the end, which gives them a fish-like appearance. Newly hatched silverfish are whitish, but develop a greyish hue and metallic shine as they get older. They have three long cerci at the tips of their abdomens, one off the end of their body, one facing left, and one facing right. They also have two small compound eyes, despite other members of Thysanura being completely eyeless, such as the family Nicoletiidae.

Silverfish are wingless. They have long antennae and move in a wiggling motion that resembles the movement of a fish. This, along with their appearance and silvery scales, gave them their common name. Silverfish live for about two to eight years. They are agile runners and outrun most of their predators (including spiders and centipedes). Such running is only possible on horizontal surfaces, as they lack additional appendages and, therefore, are not fast enough to climb walls at the same speed. They are afraid of light and are commonly found in bathrooms, basements and attics.




Females lay groups of fewer than 60 eggs at once which are deposited in small cracks and crevices. Eggs are oval-shaped and have a whitish appearance, are about 0.8 millimeters long, and hatch within two weeks and two months. They usually lay less than 100 eggs in their lifetime.



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