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Raccoon_photo_1Raccoons and other wildlife can cause damage to your home or property. Regal Pest Control specializes in animal trapping and control services. By contacting our wildlife management professionals, you are doing more than simply getting rid of the animals on your property. A professional uses the correct bait (which minimizes the chance of catching neighborhood pets and other non-target animals), the correct trap (using a large enough or small enough trap to ensure effective trapping and the safety of the animal trapped) and removes the animal in the appropriate way. At this time, we do not offer services for woodpeckers or services for any wildlife caught in chimneys. We do not offer services for domestic animals. If you have any questions about the services we offer, please email us at questions@regalpestcontrol.net, send us a text message at 734-335-0219 or call us at 1-866-453-7221. ANIMAL LIVE TRAPS Live traps are designed to capture the animal without physically harming the animal. These traps are our preferred method for removing animals. Animal live traps work by using a trap door which is propped open and a trigger-plate that is located between a non-poisonous bait and the trap door. By using a live animal trap that is appropriately-sized for the target animal, we can effectively capture the animal in the trap without physically harming the animal. For more information about the services we offer, please call us at 1-866-453-7221 or you can send us an email at contact@regalpestcontrol.net or you can send us a text message at 734-335-0219. OTHER REMOVAL METHODS AND PREVENTION Our wildlife management professionals will always use the most humane methods possible when removing animals from your home or business. Live traps are used as often as possible. In the event that the use of live-traps are not appropriate, either due to the location or physical condition of the animal, Regal Pest Control strictly follows the guidelines and laws, provided by the state, when addressing these types of situations. While searching for food and shelter, animals can end up getting into chimneys, attics and crawlspaces. By checking or installing chimney caps, trimming back any tree limbs close to your roof, inspecting for gaps around roof flashing and by inspecting for any other entry-points around your home, you can minimize potential wildlife issues in your home or business. CALL 1-866-453-7221 OR CLICK OR PRESS HERE TO REQUEST A CALLBACK TO SCHEDULE SERVICE OR TO GET AN ESTIMATE