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The following terms and conditions apply by enrolling in AutoPay:

The customer agrees to allow Regal Pest Control, LLC to process payments, on a recurring-basis, to the credit or debit card that the customer provides, subsequent to submitting this AutoPay form. The AutoPay form is located at The customer agrees that in the event that payment cannot be processed with the credit or debit card on file, the customer will be responsible for any balance due. These events include, but are not limited to: the card being expired, the card number being changed, any billing address changes, insufficient funds or for any other reason.

Regal Pest Control, LLC will contact the customer in the event that a card on file cannot be processed. Services may be suspended immediately if Regal Pest Control is not able to process payment with the card on file.

The customer should contact Regal Pest Control, LLC with any credit or debit card changes to prevent any interruptions in receiving recurring services.

Regal Pest Control, LLC will process AutoPay payments for the amount of the most recent invoice. The customer may still contact Regal Pest Control to make a specific payment amount other than the invoice amount, using the credit or debit card saved on-file or a different credit or debit card, if they desire.

Regal Pest Control, LLC may discontinue the AutoPay service at any time and for any reason, without notice. In the event that Regal Pest Control, LLC does discontinue the AutoPay service, the customer will be notified of their balance due within a reasonable timeframe. The customer will not be responsible for any late fees associated with the discontinuation of the AutoPay service. The customer will then be notified of their balance due and will have up to 30 days to remit payment for any remaining balance due, unless a different remit term was previously agreed to with the customer. 


This Payment Terms and Conditions notice was last updated on December 20, 2021.